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All news / “Attache for Agriculture” program students defended graduation papers

  • 02 Jul 2020, 11:43

 The students of the professional retraining program “Attache for Agriculture”, which is being implemented on the basis of the Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia at MGIMO “International Agricultural Markets and Foreign Economic Affairs in the Agricultural Complex”, passed the defense of the final projects.

They presented their papers on analysis of national and regional agricultural markets, as well as their programs for promoting Russian agricultural products abroad – in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The topics were set by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia taking into account the priority areas for further deployment of Russian agricultural exports.
The work of the Certification committee was attended by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin. He appreciated the performance of training and insight of selected topics. The Deputy Minister also expressed gratitude to the teaching staff for their professionalism and praised responsible approach of the students.
Based on the results of the defense of the final works, the candidates for filling the posts of foreign representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture will be put on the list of personnel reserve. Some of them are planned to be assigned this year.
The agricultural attache network is being estableshed in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation “On Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Abroad” in line with the federal project “Export of agricultural products”.