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All news / Bashkir farmers build a feedlot for 1000 head of cattle

  • 15 Sep 2020, 10:49

Ufa news agency "Bashinform" reports that a feedlot for 1000 head of cattle is being built in the Kuyurgazinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The presentation of the project, which will ensure the growth of beef production by 43%, was held by the chairman of the agricultural production cooperative Iskra Ramil Mustafin. He has been raising livestock for 30 years. The cooperative has already fenced off the feed area, laid road slabs, and purchased some machinery and equipment.

APC "Iskra" unites farmers who specialize in beef cattle breeding in 12 villages of Bashkortostan. At the same time, they are still trying to buy livestock from the population of Bashkiria in live weight on conditions that are unfavorable for the owners. To realize the capabilities of farms, they need a slaughterhouse and facilities for the primary processing of raw materials. Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic - Minister of Agriculture of Bashkortostan Ilshat Fazrakhmanov promised that the investor will be subsidized part of the cost of building the feedlot and will include the project in the list of priorities. The investment is estimated at 147 million rubles.