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All news / Batch of beef with horse DNA sent for disposal in the Voronezh region

  • 24 Jul 2019, 10:32

Almost seven tons of beef found at the Bobrovsky meat processing plant were sent for disposal, reports Voronezh news agency MOY! Online.

The check was organized in response to a message from the Oryol branch of the TsNMVL FGBU via the Cyrano automated system. In a laboratory study of beef samples was detected not only a high level of microbial contamination, but also horse species-specific DNA. The same result gave a re-study although the management of the company denied the fact of any supplies of horse meat to the processing plant. During the investigation of the incident, the Rosselkhoznadzor established seven companies supplying suspicious raw materials, although these data were not reflected in the production documentation of the meat processing plant. As a result, the entire batch of beef was sent for recycling. By decision of the Arbitration Court of the Voronezh Region, Bobrovsky Meat Processing Plant LLC was fined 50,000 rubles.