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All news / Belarus aims to reach $100 million ceiling in agricultural exports to China

  • 01 Aug 2018, 10:08

Beef and poultry are the products that can make a difference for Belarusian exporters of agricultural goods.


Belarus aims to increase its presence in the Chinese market with the help of dairy, red meat and poultry products. In fact, the country's Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy hopes that exports will reach the ceiling of $100 million this year, informs Belta news agency. 
That will be almost a 6 fold increase in value, considering the fact that agricultural exports to China in 2017 accounted for $17 million. "Last year we exported $17 million worth of agricultural products to China. We believe that this is not enough as the market is very big. We aim for $100 million in agricultural exports to the People's Republic of China in 2018", declared Mikhail Rusy.
Currently, dairy products, beef and poultry are the main agricultural goods delivered to China. This year, Veles-Meat company and Mogilev Meat Packing Plant, the two Belarusian beef producers that are certified to export in this market, have sent their first shipments of beef cuts to Chengdu, China. The poultry industry is more favoured, five Belarusian producers receiving the green light for exports to China.

Source: БЕЛТА