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All news / Belarus and Pakistan want to increase trade in agricultural products

  • 15 Jul 2019, 10:27

Belarusian producers will soon be able to export canned poultry, beef, and offal in the Asian country.


Pakistan and Belarus want to increase trade in agricultural products, with a special interest of the Belarusian side in opening the Pakistani market for canned poultry, beef, and offal. The subject was on the agenda of a meeting between Pakistan Minister of National Food Security & Research Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan and Belarusian Ambassador to Pakistan Andrei Yermolovich, according to Belta news agency.
"The parties agreed to provide mutual assistance in finding trading partners who would like to supply agricultural products to the markets of Pakistan and Belarus", said the ambassador after the meeting. Belarus is ready to supply powdered dairy products (whole and skimmed milk powder, dry whey), cheese, condensed and concentrated milk, butter, offal, and canned poultry and beef to the Pakistani market. Pakistan expressed an interest in increasing direct supplies of rice, potatoes, mangoes, and citrus to Belarus.
Both parties also discussed the possibility of establishing direct contacts between their business communities to set up joint enterprises to process milk in Pakistan, to produce dairy products (ice cream, drinking yogurts, cheese) and dry baby food using Belarusian dry milk and technology. Since last year, the Belarusian food industry has focused on the Asian markets after opening the Chinese market for dairy, poultry, and beef.