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All news / Belarus announced an increase in the production of dairy and meat products in 2024

  • 07 Feb 2024, 11:11

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus expects a significant increase in livestock production by the end of 2024. This was reported by the BELTA agency with reference to data from the ministry.

“Agricultural organizations in 2024 plan to produce 8.6 million tons of milk, 673 thousand tons of cattle meat, 452 thousand tons of pork, 693 thousand tons of poultry meat, as well as 3 billion eggs,” the agency reports.

In addition, the country is expected to increase the production of butter up to 150 thousand tons per year, cheese - up to 310 thousand tons, whole milk products - 1.9 million tons, meat and meat products - 393 thousand tons, animal feed - 2.5 million tons, the ministry added.

To achieve these results, the country has a program to support local farmers, aimed at increasing the number of livestock and poultry on farms, increasing animal productivity, and introducing new technologies.