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All news / Belarus increased its beef exports by 17.5%

  • 20 Sep 2018, 09:25

Belarus has exported fresh and chilled beef in the amount of 63.19 thousand tons worth $233.48 million dollars in the first seven months of this year.


In volume, Belarusian beef exports increased in volume by 17.5% compared to the corresponding period from 2017 and by 19.8% in terms of value, as reported by

In July, Belarus exported more than 8.2 thousand tons, a level slightly lower than the one reported in the previous month.

Russia stands out as the largest importer of Belarusian beef. Shipments to this market accounted for 96% of Belarus' total beef exports or 60.7 thousand tons. The beef volume supplied to Russia grew by 15.6% in the first seven months of 2018, while in value, the figure grew 18.2% to $226.2 million.

Belarus exported 24.09 thousand tons of frozen beef between January and July this year, with an increase of 9.3% in volume and an increase of 18.7% in value to $88.5 million.

Russia was still the country's largest importer, shipments to this market accounting for 88% of the total. Belarus increased its frozen beef exports to the Russian market by 10.2% to 21.2 thousand tons. The value of these exports also increased by 19.8% to $79.8 million.