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All news / Belarus to limit the import of pork and poultry from two Russian regions

  • 27 Jan 2021, 11:08

Belarus will temporarily restrict the import of pork from the Vladimir region of Russia due to African swine fever (ASF) and poultry from the Krasnodar Territory due to a highly pathogenic influenza disease, the department of veterinary and food supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the republic said on Wednesday.

Belarus to limit the import of pork and poultry from two Russian regions

The department  indicated that, according to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), cases of ASF susceptible animal species have been registered in the Vladimir region.

In this regard, from January 22, temporary restrictions are introduced on the import of live pigs, zoo and circus animals of susceptible species, pork (including wild boar meat) and other edible pig-breeding raw materials, as well as products of their processing, leather , horned and intestinal raw materials, bristles, hunting trophies obtained from animals of susceptible species, and other products into Belarus from this Russian region.

In addition, temporary restrictions are imposed on the import of poultry from the Krasnodar Territory into the republic, since, according to the OIE, cases of highly pathogenic influenza have been registered in this Russian region. In this regard, the import to Belarus of live poultry, incubation and edible eggs, poultry meat, down and feathers, feed and feed additives of animal origin and other products will be temporarily limited.

The department's website also reports that, according to the OIE, cases of susceptible animal species with sheep and goat pox have been reported in Dagestan. Taking this into account,  Belarus temporarily restricts the import of slaughter, breeding and commercial sheep and goats, slaughter cattle, wild small artiodactyls, milk and dairy products obtained from small ruminants, and other products into its territory from Dagestan.