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All news / Brazil to supply zebu to the southern regions of the Russian Federation

  • 26 Mar 2019, 11:32

Prospects for the development of cooperation were considered at a meeting of the Director of the National Council of Beef Producers (NSPG) Roman Kostyuk and the Attache for Brazilian Agriculture in Russia, Kosama de Carvalho Coutinho. In particular, there were discussions of live  zebu breeds deliveries  to specialized farms in the southern regions of the Russian Federation.

The breeds of zebu are resistant to such common diseases of cattle as piroplasmosis, anaplasmosis and tuberculosis. They easily adapt to a humid and hot climate and occupy the second place in the world in terms of abundance and prevalence after the European breeds.

Currently, embryonic technologies of Brazilian breeders are successfully applied in Belarus, Tomsk Region and Perm Region. It should be noted that  since the beginning of the year this is the third meeting of the head of the NSPH with the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supplies of Brazil.