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All news / Canada to open up for Ukrainian poultry

  • 03 Dec 2020, 12:42

Ukraine hopes to gain access for agricultural products (including meat) to more than 30 countries in the following months.

The first market to be open is Canada for poultry but officials from the State Food and Consumer Service said their priority is to open new Asian markets, including China, ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia), South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan), East Asia (Republic of Korea and Japan), as well as GCC (Qatar, Kuwait, and UAE). "In the near future, the opening of the following markets is expected: Canada – poultry meat; the People's Republic of China – fish and fish products, feed, honey, wheat flour, and legumes; and Kuwait – milk and dairy products," said a statement released this week. Recently, the State Food and Consumer Service received a positive response from the trading partners' competent authorities on the approval of certificate forms for livestock exports to the United Arab Emirates.