World meat industry news


  • 13 Dec 2019, 09:25

A working subgroup on Machinery and Equipment for the Meat Processing Industry, established as part of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and led by Cherkizovo, held its second meeting this year. The meeting was hosted by Lipetsk-based Texha LLC, a leading manufacturer of poultry farming equipment.

More than 30 people took part in the working subgroup’s visiting meeting in Lipetsk. These included representatives of Cherkizovo Group, the Department of Agricultural, Food and Road-and-Construction Machine-Building of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, a number of leading Russian agricultural companies, machine-building firms, as well as the National Union of Swine Breeders, the National Union of Poultry Farmers, the National Union of Meat Processors and the Russian Association of Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers (Rosspetsmash).

The meeting was held on the premises of Texha LLC, Russia’s leading manufacturer of equipment for industrial poultry farming. The participants were taken on a tour around a production site and a showroom demonstrating state-of-the-art machines used to manufacture best-in-class poultry equipment. The Texha team also showcased its unique product – a multi-tier cage-free rearing system for egg production.

During the meeting, its participants spoke about the need to promote effective dialogue between consumers and manufacturers of domestic food equipment, further develop programs to support demand for Russian machine-building technologies, as well as increase the share of Russian-made equipment in domestic investment projects. All those involved mentioned the need for a two-way discussion on possible cooperation and further dialogue in 2020.