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  • 08 May 2020, 11:56

For the fifth year running, Cherkizovo Group (Petelinka and Cherkizovo brands) has topped the ranking of Russia’s largest feed producers. The ranking was put together by Agroinvestor. Last year, the Company posted the highest incremental growth among its peers.

Agroinvestor has presented its fifth annual ranking of major feed producers. In keeping with the tradition of previous years, Cherkizovo Group took the top spot in the rating. In 2019, it manufactured 2.15 million tonnes of products, up 330 thousand tonnes or 18% y-o-y.
According to Agroinvestor, in volume terms, the Group showed the strongest growth among all companies included in the ranking. As a result, Cherkizovo extended its lead over Miratorg by widening the gap in feed production from 290 thousand tonnes in 2018 to 500 thousand tonnes in 2019.

Cherkizovo Group produces feed for internal needs only and fully meets the demand of its poultry and pig farms. Vertical integration facilitates cost control and helps us make high-quality biosafe products. We monitor feed quality at every stage, from growing the crops to the delivery of the feed to breeding farms.

According to Agroinvestor, in 2019, Russia produced 29.6 million tonnes of feed, up 2.4% y-o-y. The top 25 feed manufacturers produced 16.2 million tonnes, up by nearly 1.4 million tonnes or 9.1% y-o-y. This brought the feed market share of the major producers to 55% compared to 51% in 2018.