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All news / Cherkizovo Group - one of largest pork producers in Russia

  • 13 Feb 2019, 09:26

According to the rating of the National Union of Pig Producers for 2018, which included the largest producers of pork in the Russian Federation, Cherkizovo Group still ranks second.

Thanks to the launch of new pig farms in the Lipetsk, Voronezh and Penza regions, the group increased its production from 212 thousand tons to 250 thousand tons, and its market share from 5.5% to 6.1%.

In general, the production of pork in all farms last year reached 3.7 million tons in slaughter weight, according to the National Union of pig producers. This is almost 200 thousand tons or 5.5% more than in 2017. The growth in agricultural organizations was at the level of 8% - 240 thousand tons.  

In 2019 pork production will increase by another 4–5% (150–170 thousand tons in slaughter weight), predicts the NSS. By 2022, the increase will be about 900 thousand tons - to 4.4 million tons. Basically, such dynamics will be provided by enterprises from the top-20 rating of the pig breeders' union.