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All news / Cherkizovo Group pledged its financial support to the #Wearetogether volunteering campaign

  • 09 Apr 2020, 11:22

 Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest meat producer, pledged its financial support to the #Wearetogether volunteering campaign. Its aim is to provide vulnerable elderly people, in different regions of the country, with all the essentials they need during the self-isolation period.

This week, Cherkizovo Group joined the #Wearetogether campaign, helping to provide support for elderly residents during the current pandemic. This campaign was launched by the All-Russia People’s Front (ONF) on March 18, with support from the Roscongress Foundation; the Association of Volunteer Centres; Medical Volunteers, a public movement of healthcare volunteers; Volunteers of the Constitution and Rostelecom. As part of the campaign, volunteer groups operate across the entire country. These groups help the most vulnerable people in our society, such as the elderly, to cope with the restrictions put in place to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Volunteers deliver food and medicine straight to their doors, and provide assistance with daily chores such as garbage disposal. According to the campaign’s management team, their call centre is receiving around 55 thousand calls a day.

Many major Russian and international companies, from all types of industries, have pledged their support to the campaign. These include The Coca-Cola Company, MTS, Phillip Morris and the Russian Post. The Cherkizovo Group has also pledged its financial support. The Group’s donation will be spent on essential products for the community and volunteers, such as single use medical masks and gloves, antiseptic hand wash, printer paper, etc. The cooperation with partners and the allocation of support will be overseen by Innosocium Foundation, the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation.

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people across the whole world are living in self-isolation. In these difficult times, society must focus its attention on the needs of the at-risk older generation, who, due to the danger of the virus, are strongly advised not to leave their house. Therefore, we are proud to support the #Wearetogether campaign and its volunteers, who look after our elderly people in every corner of the country, helping them to feel as comfortable as possible during the current crisis,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Government and Public Relations at Cherkizovo Group.

“We want to thank our partners for their prompt pledges of support. In these difficult times, it is impossible to simply stand aside. Throughout history, humanity has always been confronted with the challenges of the time, whatever form they may take. Today’s challenge is COVID-19, a new type of coronavirus. This has swept across the entire world and affects every one of us. Any form of help is vital, as there are more than 30 million elderly people living in self-isolation across the country. Many of these live alone, and are in desperate need of assistance. To unite together, support the vulnerable and protect them from infection – this is the least we can do as part of the #Wearetogether campaign,” noted Elena Marinina, Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation and Director of the Innosocium Foundation.

“During this time, it is important that everyone contributes to the cause. A wave of social solidarity is spreading across the entire nation. Together, we are helping those who are most vulnerable: the elderly, people with disabilities and other social groups. The мывместе (wearetogether2020.rf) website has been operational for a week and a half. Within that time, we have received almost 5,000 requests for help and almost 40,000 volunteer applications,” announced Dmitry Polikanov, Deputy CEO of the ONF Executive Committee.