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All news / Cherkizovo Group tells about unique products in meat processing

  • 09 Jun 2023, 11:21

Cherkizovo Group is one of the largest producers of sausage products in Russia. The company's product range includes more than 200 items, including boiled-smoked, raw-smoked sausages and various meat delicacies under the flagship trademarks Cherkizovo and Cherkizovo Premium. The company pays great attention to the development of new formulations that can satisfy the needs of a wide variety of customers. We will talk about some of the most successful and interesting products in the Cherkizovo portfolio.

Cooked-smoked sausage "Imperial" (TM "Cherkizovo Premium")

The product was developed by technologists of the Cherkizovo Group and put into mass production in 2006. The sausage contains pork ham and bacon, and a mixture of red and black peppers, combined with ginger and nutmeg, emphasizes the natural meaty taste of the product. But its main distinguishing feature is the unique grinding of meat raw materials at the time of launch, which provides a recognizable "mosaic" pattern on the cut of the sausage. The product has shown good sales for many years.

Cherkizovsky ham (TM Cherkizovo)


This coarsely chopped pork product is a bestseller in the ham category both in the company's product portfolio and in the Russian market as a whole. An important nuance: in the production of Cherkizovsky ham, a permeable cellulose casing and natural smoking are used. This gives our product a piquant recognizable taste and aroma. A balanced ratio of lean and fatty raw materials and coarse chopped grinding also distinguish it from others. In 2022, Cherkizovsky ham was launched in a cut format.

Ham "Gentle" from turkey (TM "Cherkizovo Premium")


In the production of this ham, only turkey meat is used, grown in an ecologically clean area of the Tambov region. The combination of white meat breast fillet and red meat turkey thigh fillet creates a characteristic cut pattern and provides a tender and juicy texture, while the product contains a low percentage of fat (6%). As with Cherkizovsky ham, turkey ham is produced in a permeable casing and is smoked. A blend of alder and oak chips gives the ham a bright yet balanced taste that all gourmet lovers will appreciate. The product was put into production in 2021 in the format of a loaf, and from 2022 - in cuts.

Turkey carpaccio (TM Cherkizovo Premium)


Another unique turkey product is carpaccio. In the "classic" sense, this is a dish of thin slices of raw beef. Its name is associated with the name of the Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio, whose paintings abounded in shades of red and white. However, since then the product has undergone significant changes in the recipe - and today it is made not only from beef.

Turkey carpaccio TM Cherkizovo, launched in 2021, is a raw-smoked product made from turkey breast fillet and is characterized by a high protein content (34%) and a reduced fat content (2%), which is in line with the current worldwide trend for healthy food. At the time of launch, this product was unique in its format - the company produced it in the form of thin slices with a fixed diameter (58 mm) and a slice thickness (1-2 mm). It is very convenient in terms of consumption.


Salami "Flamenco" (TM "Cherkizovo Premium")

The word "salami" comes from the Latin word Sal ("Sal"), which means salt. Initially, in Europe, this was the name for salted meat for the future, then this name spread to dry-cured and raw-smoked sausages.

Salami "Flamenco" from "Cherkizovo Premium" is the company's own development, taking into account the classic traditions of manufacturing this product. The sausage is made from pork ham and bacon with a 3 mm grind and is distinguished by a characteristic fine-grained pattern. The product has a Mediterranean flavor direction with notes of pepper and mustard. Interestingly, salami is produced in Kashira, near Moscow, at a robotic plant, which has implemented full automation of the technological process. We can say that Flamenco salami is a combination of age-old traditions and the most advanced technologies in the meat processing industry.


Fuet "Extra" (TM "Cherkizovo Premium")

The origins of the dry-cured sausage "Fuet" originate in Catalonia (fuet in Catalan - "whip"). For its manufacture, pork is used, including brisket and natural spices, and a noble white mold is necessarily applied to the surface, which gives a characteristic spicy aroma.

Cherkizovo Group launched Cherkizovo Premium in 2019 and became one of the first companies to start producing this product using authentic technology. It includes methods of preparation and grinding of raw materials, “smooth” modes 

fermentation and drying, after which the weight loss of the loaf is 50-55%, as well as the combination of mold strains (Penicillium nalgiovensis) - as the main factor in achieving the special taste properties of the product.


Raw-smoked sausage "Serveletti" (TM "Cherkizovo Premium")

"Serveletti" is a sausage that has a classic fine-grained pattern and taste inherent in traditional raw smoked cervelats. However, this product has a very unusual - square - loaf shape, which favorably distinguishes it from competitors on the shelf. During the development of this sausage, starter cultures were used, allowing the sausage fermentation cycle to be carried out directly in the press frames. Due to this, the square shape of the loaf was obtained, which is maintained throughout the entire technological process. The product was launched at the end of 2021 and today it is supplied to retail chains in a variety of formats: loaf, sliced, sliced.

Cherkizovo Group is Russia's largest producer of meat products. The company is one of the three leaders in the markets of chicken meat, turkey meat and meat products. The group includes 16 poultry farms, 20 pig farms, 14 meat processing plants, 12 feed mills, an oil extraction plant, and about 300,000 hectares of agricultural land. The company's consolidated revenue in 2022 amounted to RUB 184.3 billion. The Group's brands include Cherkizovo, Petelinka, Kurinoye Tsarstvo, Pava-Pava, and others. The company's advantage lies in vertical integration, which unites all links in the agricultural chain, from grain cultivation to the production of finished products. The company exports its products to more than 20 countries.