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  • 03 Aug 2020, 12:03

 Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest meat producer, launched its programme Education and Business: Training for Teachers. The programme is designed to help enhance the learning experience at agricultural universities and better prepare students looking to work at world-leading businesses.

As part of the programme, on 23 July representatives of Cherkizovo Group, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the Federal Educational and Methodological Association and rectors and professors fr om partner universities convened for their first online meeting. The discussion was focused on a number of topics, including modern trends and challenges in the agricultural industry, as well as the goals, tasks and deliverables of the programme. The timeline of the training programme and roles and responsibilities of each participant were also discussed.

“The main aim is to better prepare graduates of agricultural universities in regions where we operate,” commented Lyudmila Khutoretskaya, Head of Student Programmes and Youth Initiatives at Cherkizovo Group. “We are keen to give them a comprehensive insight into what it takes to work in modern business and production. This is why our programme is focused on helping lecturers improve their knowledge and gain valuable experience which they will then go on to share with their students. It will also help them better adapt their educational courses to meet the needs of business.”

The programme is made up of three parts:

  • Lectures and workshops run by Cherkizovo,
  • The chance for lecturers to take part in training at our facilities under the guidance of Company mentors.
  • The continued tailoring of educational programmes.

University lecturers taking part in the programme will be able to familiarise themselves with the whole production cycle. They will visit the Group’s R&D unit Cherkizovo Lab as well as our automated plant in Kashira and other important facilities. They will also get the chance to attend talks not just from Cherkizovo staff but also from our partners Meyn, FESTO and BioSafe.

Eleven Russian agricultural universities, from all over the regions wh ere we operate, are taking part in the project Education and Business: Training for Teachers. This is the first time this kind of programme has been put together and is unique in Russia. We hope that this programme will see us not only improve the educational experience, enhance students’ knowledge and allow the Company to get graduates equipped with the necessary skills, it will also help refine the standard of industry-specific training offered at Russia’s agricultural educational institutions.