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All news / Cherkizovo will send over 3.3 thousand tons poultry products to China

  • 02 Jul 2019, 09:48

In the near future Cherkizovo Group plans to ship over 3.3 thousand tons of poultry products for export to China under contracts signed with importers for total amount of more than $ 8 million, according to investment holding FINAM.


Six companies of the Cherkizovo Group are entitled to supply products to the PRC: “White Bird - Kursk”, Vasilyevskaya Poultry Factory, “Lisko Broiler” “Mosselprom”, “Petelinskaya Poultry Factory” and “Tambov Turkey”. Cherkizovo started delivering poultry meat to China in May  through the seaport of St. Petersburg with chicken legs, which today make up the lion's share of export. In addition, the holding will send chicken wings, legs and other types of frozen poultry products to China. The total volume of deliveries of poultry products  in May and June  will be approximately 1,000 tons. Until the end of the year, Russian exporters may ship to the PRC more than 30 thousand tons of poultry, and in the near future, the annual export volume may grow to 150-200 thousand tons, Cherkizovo experts say.