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All news / Crimean poultry farming needs state support

  • 18 Feb 2019, 10:45

Crimean poultry farming needs state support, because it cannot grow feed material due to water supply problems. The Republican Minister of Agriculture Andrei Ryumshin told that “in the Russian Federation there is no support for poultry farming, with the exception of breeding poultry farming, because it is very well developed. But Crimea needs this support. Local producers are in difficult conditions, because they are forced to purchase almost all  feed material from other regions of the country at a high price,”.

According to him, the peninsula itself can not provide itself with poultry feed, because there is no necessary irrigation.

As REGNUM news agency reported, in 2018, 310 million eggs were produced in the Crimea, meeting the needs of the republic only by 80%.