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All news / Dagestan to increase beef production

  • 13 Nov 2019, 10:53

According to the Dagestan news agency, citing data from the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food, for 10 months of 2019, the volume of meat production in this republic of the North Caucasus Economic Region amounted to 107 thousand tons.

The  cattle herd in Dagestan has reached almost 980.9 thousand heads. The preconditions for increasing beef production are emerging in the region.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food said that at the end of October, the whole Russian Federation increased the output of beef by 1.3%, and the gross volume exceeded 1.7 million tons. The number of beef and cross-country cattle in the country amounted to 3.9 million heads, which is 110.8 thousand heads more than last year. Analysts of the ministry believe that in the medium term, the production growth of high-quality beef is possible due to the intensive development of the sector.