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All news / Deputy Prime Minister instructed to increase the production of chicken and eggs

  • 05 Dec 2023, 09:58

Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko instructed four ministries (the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance) to prepare and present additional measures to increase the production of eggs and domestic chicken meat. RBC reports this with reference to a copy of the relevant order.Deputy Prime Minister instructed to increase the production of chicken and eggs

The document specifies that they must report on the work done by December 19. To do this, they need to analyze the situation with the release of the two specified goods on the domestic market. The agricultural department was also given a separate instruction to assess the potential for the export of these agricultural products. In addition, Rosstat, together with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Development, must, before the same deadline, study the change in consumption of both goods in our country over the past three years, and the ministries themselves must provide the Cabinet of Ministers with data on the minimum production volumes sufficient to satisfy domestic demand.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture already stated that the increase in prices for poultry products occurs against the backdrop of a significant increase in demand for it. In this regard, the ministry has prepared measures to increase supply. It agreed with specialized companies to expand production capacity. The department also proposed canceling the export duty on the supply of no more than 160 thousand tons of these products from abroad next year, reorienting to supplies from Belarus and Kazakhstan, and limiting their exports from December of this year to May 31 of the next year. These measures, except for the last one, are the Government Tariff Subcommittee on customs-tariff and non-tariff regulation, protective measures in foreign trade, the last of which is still being considered. As for support, we are talking about providing Russian poultry farmers with preferential loans for various purposes related to direct activities, following the example of other industries. The agricultural department believes that all of the above measures will meet the needs of the domestic market in conditions of increased demand for these types of products and without unnecessary costs. In particular, they will avoid not only a shortage of these goods, but also their seasonal rise in price in the near future. This is especially true for poor citizens and representatives of the middle class, for whom these products are primarily intended. It belongs to the low price segment and is therefore included in the list of socially important ones.