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All news / Donstar to build huge duck farm near Moscow

  • 28 Oct 2015, 08:37

Russian company Donstar Center intends to build an industrial complex for breeding ducks in the Ramensky district of Moscow Oblast, reports the Ministry of Investment and Innovation of the region.


The total investments is estimated at RUB13 billion (US$ 209.9 million). It is expected that the new complex will be built on a plot of 1.6 hectares and will be commissioned in mid-2017. According to Donstar the overall capacity of the farm will be 33,000 tonnes of duck meat, which will be mostly sold locally, in Moscow city and Moscow Oblast.

Assessing the project, Andrew Smurygin, the director of Investment Financial Company Solid, says that the choice of location for the farm is dictated by economic reasons. "I think there will be a local demand for what the farm produces. The density of the population in Moscow and Moscow Oblast is high, and people are wealthier here than in other regions of the Russian Federation, while duck meat is quite an expensive product," he said.

Smurygin added that in his opinion the Donstar duck farm will initially provide the local area with duck meat, but is likely to expand its market to other regions. "This project is so big that such an expansion would be viable and profitable," says Smurygin.