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All news / Dynamics of meat prices in Russia: forecasts and trends

  • 14 Jun 2024, 11:57

Since the beginning of this month, Russia has seen a slight increase in the price of meat products, mainly ranging from 0.5% to 3%. This phenomenon, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, is explained by seasonal factors. With the arrival of warm weather, more and more people go outdoors, where picnics and barbecues become popular pastimes. This increase in demand for meat leads to some increase in prices.

At a meeting with major meat producers and industry unions, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture Maxim Titov called for control over the cost of meat, preventing sharp price hikes. He also emphasized the importance of taking into account the policies of retail chains to ensure the availability of meat products for all consumers, even during periods of high demand.

The positive news is the increase in the production of livestock and poultry meat for slaughter in Russia. In the first four months of this year, production increased by 4% to almost 4.5 million tons. A particularly significant increase was recorded in the production of cattle meat and pork - by 9.4% and 8%, respectively. Manufacturers expect that in the near future prices for meat products will begin to decline, supported by positive production dynamics.

Experts believe that stabilizing meat prices in Russia will help strengthen the market situation and meet consumer needs. It is important to continue to monitor developments in the meat market and maintain a balance between supply and demand, ensuring the availability of quality meat for all citizens of the country.