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All news / Egg production in the Lipetsk region shows strong growth

  • 22 Sep 2022, 10:11

Livestock breeders from Lipetsk demonstrate good dynamics in egg production. For 8 months of the current year, 451.4 million pieces were received in agricultural organizations of the region. This is 9.9% more than in the same period last year. Recall that both food and hatching eggs are produced in the region.

Egg production in the Lipetsk region shows strong growth

Two enterprises are engaged in the production of food chicken eggs in the Lipetsk region: Lipetskptitsa LLC, which includes 2 poultry farms - Rossiya and Krasny Kolos, and Ulyanich V.A. “The issue of food security of the population of the region in such a socially significant food product as a food egg has not been relevant for us for a long time,” notes Igor Kremnev, Deputy Governor of the region. - The level of self-sufficiency in food eggs in the region exceeds the consumption norms of this product by 2.2 times. Last year, farms of all categories of the Lipetsk region produced 633.6 million pieces of edible eggs, including 461.3 million pieces in agricultural enterprises. These indicators were achieved not so much due to an increase in livestock, but due to improved productivity. The egg production of laying hens in agricultural organizations amounted to 318 pieces last year. If we compare with how much we received from one chicken, for example, in 1991, then we will see an increase of 35%, and if we compare it with 1954, then the increase will be almost 10 times.”