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  • 12 Jul 2017, 10:49

Spain is already at the top of EU exports at the end of April. It has become the largest pork exporter in the EU for the first time in history. Thus, Germany that is until now was the one that occupied this position.

In the first four-month period of the year, 277,871 tons were exported out of the EU (11% more than in the same period last year), compared with 273,381 tons for Germany (down by 17%) and Denmark with 192,801 tons (down by 11%). In total, the EU has exported almost 1.29 million tons of pigs (3% less than in 2016) with a turnover above 2.6 billion euros, implying a 14% increase in value; has been sold less but at a better price.


This increase in Spanish exports represents 5% of the interannual, although during the month of April they have decreased compared to 2016. This decrease has been a consequence of the slowdown of the exports towards China, being at the same level as in 2015. However this Decline in our exports to China has been offset by the increase in exports to Japan. 39% are exported to countries outside the European Union (288,412 tons, an increase of + 3.1%). While 61% is made within the EU (455,717 tons + 6.0%).


So far this year, the average value of live weight kg in Spain is 1.28 € compared to a year ago was 1.02 €, against Germany which takes an average of 1.29 € this year and 1.05 € a year ago.

The weight is decreasing, being 105.55 kg live weight and 81.19 kg carcass weight. This comes as a consequence of the high rate of sacrifices that have been in recent months, animals have been slaughtered ahead of time, although it is true, that in recent weeks producers have retained their sales commercializing only animals to meet the commitments.

It follows all of Europe with the cold rooms almost empty, and we believe they are going to be like that because of the higher prices for hogs this year in the continent.


The IX World Congress of Cured Ham was held in Toledo on June 7, 8 and 9, 2017. The two previous editions were held in Ourique (Portugal) in 2013 and Toulouse (France) in 2015.

This time there have been more than 300 visitors from nine different countries Mexico, China, Japan, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

In Spain, the volume of processed meat of the year 2016 was 1,400,000 Ton. Of these, the tons corresponding to "Cured Hams and Shoulders" is the equivalent of 274,000. This represents a per capita consumption of 6 kg / person / year of these products within the total apparent consumption per capita of the year 2016 of 21 kg.

This time I had the opportunity to attend. It was very interesting to see the hams producer's point of view in the different presentations. And as it could not be otherwise, it raises the benefits that the Duroc Line can bring, in a Congress of this importance with a product like "Cured Ham" so important in the Spanish market and its culture and that is opening hollow outside our borders. The talk was entitled "Contribution of the Duroc breed in the improvement of the characteristics of pork" by Dr. Joan Estany, Professor of Animal Production, University of Lleida.

This indicates the importance that Duroc line, is taking in terms of its contribution as meat quality, throughout the Pig Production Chain, from the producer of the live animal to the consumer, as we have been observing for some time.