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All news / EU Pig Prices: Inconsistent Development - Steady in Germany

  • 15 Oct 2015, 08:10

The Situation Continues to be steady on the European pig slaughter market, with the majority of quotations moving sideward. The South is on the weak side still.

As usual, Germany set the signal for unchanged last Wednesday. Denmark then recorded an identical quotation on Thursday, just as did the Netherlands and Belgium on Friday.

Some participants had hoped for a market price increase in the Netherlands. But there was no chance of success after unchanged prices in Germany.

Quite like the week before, Austria again was not able to maintain the price, correcting the quotation downward by 3 cents.

According to the VLV, the quantities of live pigs on offer in Austria have gone up considerably for seasonal reasons on the one hand, but on the other must therefore be attributed to increased feed consumption through fresh corn.

As a consequence, price concessions had to be made in order to remain competitive on the international markets.

As expected, the price barometer points downward for seasonal reasons in Spain as well, which was not otherwise expected. Thus, the corrected Spanish quotation approaches the Central European price level. So the thumb points downward in France. 

Trend for the German market:

At present, the situation on the pig slaughter market does not yet indicate basic changes. Demand and supply are well balanced. The quantities on offer being large for this time of the year, The slaughter companies prove to be widely interested. Viewed in this light, there is no room for improvement left at present. Neither is there downward for the producers.