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All news / EU Pig Prices: Price Increase Continues

  • 30 Mar 2016, 09:49

The European pig slaughter market was able to continue the friendly trend. The majority of quotations went up again because of the good demand situation before Easter. The marching course was once again determined by Germany with its plus 4 cents.

The Dutch and Belgian quotations followed suit and at almost the same height. In Denmark as well, where the price had stayed the same (1.282 €) over the past three weeks, the prices most recently went up by a corrected 4.2 cents, adding up to 1.324 €. This way, Denmark is again leading the ranking of the five countries most significant in European pig keeping and relegating France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands to the places behind.

The Austrian pig market seems to be crowded. So, the Austrian quotation did not follow the rest of Europe. According to that, the Austrian producers must content themselves with unchanged prices with the demand being disappointing on the part of the Austrian meat processing industry.

The quotation also moved sideward in France. Demand there is quite good, and the quantities on offer altogether are sufficient. A French market observer expects to quantities on offer to go back noticeably over the next few weeks. The market is considerably weaker this week than last in Great Britain in view of sufficient quantities on offer as a result of the short week of slaughter.

Trend for the German market: Currently, the market situation seems to get steady on the level achieved. Altogether, the situation is balanced. In light of the missing days of slaughter around Easter, the market is characterised by ordering.