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All news / EU Pig Prices: Quotations are Bobbing Up and Down – Recovering Soon?

  • 29 Apr 2016, 10:30

Nothing’s new on the western front. But related to the European pig slaughter market, nothing new suitable to change the course seems to come from any other direction.

The pig slaughter quotations go on bobbing up and down throughout Europe on the level achieved.

France closely approaches the Danes after slightly correcting the price to €1.32. The Danes currently are paying €1.33, still maintaining the top position in the European price structure of the five EU member countries most significant in pig keeping. The Spanish quotation was able to go up by one corrected cent.

As to pork, the supply situation is quite comfortable. Taking a look at the quantities from private storage, you will notice clearly that the market is well provided. The meat market inside Europe is still confronted with the booming exports towards Asia. Getting out of the low is a hard way to go. The stagnating German quotation gives the other European countries a hard time.

Trend for the German market: The situation on the pig slaughter market continues to sound an unperturbed key tone. Marketers report on decreasing quantities on offer on the live pigs’ market with demand remaining well on the part of the slaughter companies.

The situation on the meat market still might be improved. Changing offer in food retailing at the beginning of the week might cause an upturn. The public holiday on 1st May might boost the sales and give stimulus as hoped for the quotation.