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All news / EU Pig Prices: Uncertainty Causes Pressure

  • 01 Mar 2016, 11:00

Currently, the European pig slaughter market appears in an inconsistent way, being made strongly insecure because of the situation as it is on the German pig slaughter market.

Just like in Germany, the quotations were reported to remain unchanged for pigs for slaughter this current week in Denmark, France and in Austria.

Information however got circulating soon that the market situation is very tense in Germany as a result of discounted prices – deviating from the concerted price - being paid by various slaughter companies.

Such kind of nervousness as is observed in the country of the leading quotation is unavoidably imparted on other European countries. Other nations critically watch the further development. With the market situation being balanced in their country since the beginning of the year because of noticeably decreased slaughter weights, the Austrians are voicing great concern.

The Dutch are feeling particular pressure, having had to cope with price decreases for some weeks already, then reducing their quotation by a corrected 2.8 cents. Thus, the gap between the Dutch and German quotations is getting ever larger. The Belgians, too, corrected their quotation downward. So did the Spanish, who are having large quantities of live pigs on offer as a result of increased stock due to favourable conditions for growth caused by the weather.

Trend for the German market: Despite the discounted prices, the quantities of live pigs on offer are not too extensive. Batches can be marketed even at short term. Yet, the situation on the meat market does lead to disagreement among the slaughter companies.