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All news / Genetic identification of cattle has been introduced in Tatarstan.

  • 21 Apr 2019, 19:10

 The Interregional Veterinary Laboratory of Republic of Tatarstan has introduced new genetic identification method. The Tatar-inform agency reports that  genotyping is performed on the basis of highly accurate analysis of microsatellite markers of nuclear DNA.


A new technique is needed to plan the livestock herd pattern and identify the individuals that make up its breeding base. Sergei Tyulkin, Head of the Department of Genetic Molecular Diagnostics of the Tatar Interregional Veterinary Laboratory, explained that genetic identification is performed primarily to identify and evaluate individual genetic characteristics of breeding animals. On the basis of its results, an individual’s origin is determined and its affiliation to one or another line, family, and breed is confirmed. Genetic identification of cattle virtually eliminates inbreeding and forms the basis for planning a livestock scheme. To increase the productivity of the herd, the most effective males and females are identified for further mating or artificial insemination.