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All news / Genetic Work Paying Off For Russians

  • 15 May 2015, 12:15

Better herd genetics are one of the factors to thank for a rise in first quarter Russian milk production, says the agriculture ministry.

A national increase of 0.9 per cent and a 3.5 per cent rise in milk output from agricultural enterprises has been noted by the Russian government.

Average cow yields are seven per cent higher than last year across the country.

Top of the list is the region around Leningrad, where an average lactation produced 1,972 kilograms of milk, 3.2 per cent greater than last year.

Director of Animal Husbandry and Breeding at the ministry, Vladimir Labinov, said: "The leader in terms of milk production remains Leningrad Oblast.

“Despite the achievements, the region continues to increase milk production. Indicators of the Leningrad region are the result of years of work to improve the genetic potential of livestock for milk production and create conditions for its implementation.”