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All news / Group "PRODO" strengthens its position in the segment of Halal products

  • 08 Jul 2020, 10:10

The segment of Halal products recently appeared on the Russian market, and is still under formation. Group "PRODO" has been producing products for Muslims in the mid-2000s, and since then has significantly strengthened its position in this direction. This is done in the attempt to satisfy as many customers because many companies "PRODO" are located in regions where traditionally a high proportion of the Muslim population.

In order to start production of Halal products, it is necessary to change the production processes in the shops where it will produce. The certificate of conformity of the center of standardization and certification "Halal" of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia producers get only after a thorough audit. And subsequently, enterprises are regularly visited by representatives of this center re-checks. However, investments in certification pay off quickly because Halal products demanded by the market. This category now accounts for 1-1,5% of the total output of poultry meat, but the demand for it far exceeds supply.

Today the Group "PRODO" the main brand of Halal products, "the Caliph." In addition, the "PRODO Poultry farm Permskaya" and "PRODO Tyumen broiler" produced a few commodity items of this category under the brand of sausage products and semi-finished products from poultry, "Clear hill", and in the range of "PRODO Poultry Ciscoi" there are eggs in the "Halal" brand "the Bright morning".

Brand products from poultry meat "Caliph" was launched into the market three years ago. And during this time he showed significant sales growth. Products under the brand name "Caliph" release "PRODO Tyumen broiler", "PRODO Poultry farm Permskaya" and "PRODO Ptitsefabrika Sibirskaya". The brand assortment is constantly being improved and in the nearest future it is planned to start production of semi-finished products – chicken cutlets.

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