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All news / Import beef and poultry meat quotas at will not change in 2020

  • 02 Sep 2019, 11:57

Quotas for import of beef and poultry into the Russian Federation in 2020 will not change. According to the draft government decree that Interfax reviewed, the quota for the import of beef will amount to 570 thousand tons, including 40 thousand tons of chilled meat. The quota for chilled beef is distributed as follows: 29 thousand tons - to the European Union, 11 thousand tons - to other countries.

Part of the quota for frozen beef also has a country destination: 60 thousand tons each for the European Union and the USA, 3 thousand tons for Costa Rica and 407 thousand tons for other countries.

The quota for import of poultry meat, as in previous years, will amount 364 thousand tons, including 100 thousand tons of minced meat, 250 thousand tons - half or a quarter of carcasses, 14 thousand tons - turkey meat. 80 thousand tons of minced meat is the EU country quota.

Meanwhile, meat from the EU and the USA has not been supplied since August 2014 in accordance with the Russian food embargo.

Earlier, the government allocated a quota for pork imports. As reported, since January 2020, Russia, in accordance with its obligations to the WTO, will replace this quota with a 25 percent duty.

Russia began quoting meat imports in 2003. In recent years, the size of the pork import quota has not changed and amounted 430 thousand tons, including trimming (30 thousand tons) per year. However, a quota has not been fulfilled in recent years. According to the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR), in 2018 the Russian Federation imported 61.3 thousand tons of pork compared to 281.2 thousand tons a year earlier.