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All news / In Russia, meat production increased by 4% in 4 months

  • 29 May 2024, 07:15

During January-April of this year in Russia, production of all major types of meat increased by an average of four percent. The Ministry of Agriculture reported this.

In exact figures, 4.5 million tons of livestock and poultry were released for slaughter. The output of beef and other cattle meat increased the most - by 9.4 percent or up to 378.2 thousand tons. 1.9 million tons of pork were produced, or eight percent more. For poultry meat, the figure remained at last year’s level of almost 2.2 million tons.

The ministry also cited a comment from the head of the National Meat Association (NMA), Sergei Yushin, who named various factors for such success for certain types of meat and the industry as a whole. For example, the expert explained the increase in pork production by more active investments in pig farming, and poultry meat by improving the productivity and productivity of the sub-sector. In general, livestock production indicators have improved due to the stabilization of the epizootic situation, the expert said.

According to Yushin, the positive dynamics fully reflect the plans of domestic meat enterprises to increase production against the backdrop of increasingly growing public demand for meat. The head of the NMA also noted that the increase in the disposable income of the population had a positive effect on the level of consumption of meat and meat products by Russians, including those from low-income families.