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All news / Increasing poultry meat production: government support measures and investments in the industry

  • 27 Nov 2023, 10:07

In light of rising prices for chicken, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, instructed the government to develop proposals for additional government support measures aimed at increasing the volume of poultry meat production on the domestic market. This instruction was given after a meeting with members of the government, where the president expressed his concern about rising prices and called for timely action to prevent further increases.Increasing poultry meat production: government support measures and investments in the industry

Since the beginning of the year, poultry prices have increased by more than 27%, which is an alarming signal for the government. In response to this, the Ministry of Agriculture proposed several measures aimed at stabilizing the market situation. One of these measures is the purchase of poultry meat in Belarus and Kazakhstan. This will increase supply in the domestic market and reduce dependence on imports.

In addition, a proposal to introduce a ban on the export of certain types of poultry meat and eggs from December 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024, as well as the introduction of a poultry meat import quota of 160 thousand tons for 2024, is under consideration. These measures are aimed at supporting domestic producers and stimulating increased production in the country.

However, the government is also considering preferential investment loans for broiler producers. From December 1 of this year, producers will be able to receive financial support for the purchase of new machinery and equipment, as well as for the construction and reconstruction of poultry complexes. This is an additional measure of state support that will complement already existing mechanisms, such as subsidies for livestock insurance and preferential short-term loans for the purchase of feed additives.

Increasing poultry meat production in Russia is an important task that requires an integrated approach. The government must actively cooperate with manufacturers, provide them with the necessary support and create conditions for the development of the industry. This includes not only financial support, but also assistance in the development of new technologies, improving product quality and improving infrastructure.

Increasing poultry meat production in the country will not only reduce dependence on imports, but will also ensure stable supply in the domestic market, which will ultimately lead to lower chicken prices. This will be a positive signal for consumers and contributes to the development of a healthy meat market in Russia.