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All news / Indonesia will buy lamb from Dagestan

  • 26 Mar 2019, 11:36

Indonesia is interested in buying lamb from Dagestan. This was announced by the Indonesian Ambassador in Russia Mohamad Vahid Supriyadi, who is in Dagestan on a three-day visit, reports “Lezgi newspaper”.

At the meeting the Indonesian Ambassador said: “Our economies are complementary and, first of all, we have an interest in trade. We discussed the possibility of lamb meat imports, because of a very good quality of this Dagestan .product”. Currently Indonesia purchases lamb meat from Australia and the USA.

Mohamad Vahid Supriyadi said that he invited members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dagestan to take part in the Indonesian festival, which is planned to be held in the Russian capital in August of this year, as well as in TradeexpoIndonesia events, which will be held in October.