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All news / Industrial Meat Supply Index in Russia: January –June 2019

  • 08 Aug 2019, 12:12

Industrial Meat Supply Index (IMS) moved up 2% in Jan - June 2019 (all changes in percent are year-on-year in this presentation). • The index didn’t change in June. There was less beef and more pork at the market. Poultry supply dynamics was slightly negative. 

IMS Index of poultry didn’t change in Jan - June 2019. • In June the index decreased by 1%. • In our view (there is no official statistics for different species) the decrease is explained by diminishing chicken supply while turkey supply didn’t change. Chicken production fell in Tambov and hasn’t recovered in Rostov region. Domestic supply was also curbed by higher volumes of chicken export. 

IMS Index of pork in Jan - June 2019 increased by 8%. • The index rose 5% in June. Both production and import increased. But Brazil gradually decreases pork shipments to Russia while increasing its export to China.

IMS Index of beef in Jan - June 2019 decreased by 3%. • In June IMS beef Index fell down 8%. In April Russia banned bone-in beef from Belarus and it had an immediate negative effect on imported volume. Other countries diverted their shipments from Russia to China. Showing an opposite trend, domestic production slightly increased in June.