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All news / Is food in Russia cheaper than in the West?

  • 06 Dec 2017, 11:34

Ever wondered how much your budget will let you cram into your Russian supermarket trolley? Check our infographic to find out.While some products in Russia are cheaper than in Europe or the U.S., some are also more expensive. This is according to a study released earlier this month by online Russian newspaper Realnoye Vremya (in Russian).

Among the top five products cheaper in Russia than everywhere else are eggs, chicken fillet, potatoes, cabbage, and onions. On average, the cost of the latter is only six percent of the price one can expect to pay in Europe.

On the other hand, products like Bulgarian peppers, tomatoes, yogurt, chocolate, and wine are considerably pricier in Russia compared to some European states. In fact, Bulgarian peppers and tomatoes are even more expensive in Russia than they are in the U.S, where average salaries and the cost of food are considerably higher.

The prices for each country were taken from the following stores: Germany – Real, France – Monoprix, Italy – Carrefour, Spain – Carrefour, Serbia – Maxi, Russia – Metro, and the U.S.  –  Freshdirect.


Natalya Nosova