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All news / Kazakhstan suspends meat exports to China over coronavirus fears

  • 20 Feb 2020, 10:38

Plans to increase meat exports by 25% have been put on hold until a clearer picture of the situation created by the outbreak is obtained.


Kazakstan decided to suspend meat exports to China until a clearer picture of the situation created by the coronavirus outbreak is obtained. According to the agreement between China and Kazakhstan, China-Kazakhstan Horgos Frontier International Cooperation Center will be shut down till February 29, 2020, and will be reopened until further notice.
Last year, Kazakhstan's meat exports totaled 63,000 tonnes, of which 4,000 tonnes were shipped to China.

However, meat producers have planned for this year to increase their exports by 25%, counting mainly on increased demand from China. At this moment, the supply chain in China is disrupted due to the lockdown of several big cities in the country and the lack of personnel in ports, factories and other service areas. In the last couple of weeks, rumors about the possibility of the disease being transmitted through meat and meat products have appeared in China and other Asian countries.