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All news / Kazakhstan to export beef to China

  • 08 Nov 2018, 09:56

 China is to open its market for Kazakhstani beef. Chinese veterinary inspectors are due to inspect five Kazakhstani beef processors in the near future, reports.


Maksut Baktibayev, chairman of the board of the Meat Union of Kazakhstan, told Forbes that the inspection will take place sometime in mid-November. Mr Baktibayev expects shipments of frozen beef and cattle to be launched to China in 2019.

Kazakhstan did not receive export approval for beef from the Chinese authorities as the country was considered unfavorable because of the foot and mouth disease outbreaks. says that after the visit of the president Nursultan Nazarbayev to China an agreement was signed for the export of lamb and subsequently for beef.

Mr Baktibayev added that the Kazakhstani beef producers believe they will need state support and preferential tarrifs for the transportation of meat to China in order to start exporting serious volumes.

Kazakhstan will face tough competition from New Zealand and Australia in the Chinese market, as Kazakhstani producers have an import duty on meat of 12% in China, while New Zealand has zero duty on the imports of mutton and Australia pays only 5% import duty.