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All news / KPMG: Russian meat is the most promising commodity for export to China

  • 03 Jul 2019, 09:43

The international auditing company KPMG made a forecast of deliveries and a list of the most promising product categories for export to China.


The analysis was shared by the RBC agency. The KPMG forecast has been prepared taking into account the production plans of both the Russian food industry and major market players. Analysts concluded that Russian meat has the largest export potential in terms of the needs of the Chinese market. By 2024, Russia will be able to supply meat to the PRC market in the amount of $ 814 million, but this supply will be possible only if the Chinese government removes restrictions on the export of beef and pork. The conclusion of the KPMG experts was supported by the President of the Meat Union of Russia Musheg Mamikonyan. If the market opens now, he specified, then Russia will be able to achieve this indicator, but if the expectations of exporters last another year or two, then this task is likely to become impossible.