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All news / Large-scale investment project: the largest pig farm will appear in the Kurgan region

  • 20 Feb 2024, 09:45

Deputy Governor for Economic Policy Sergei Gavrin met with the General Director of Kurganskoe LLC Vyacheslav Nemirov to discuss the implementation of a significant investment project.

The project involves the construction of a pig farm with an annual production capacity of 5 thousand tons of pork in live weight. Investments in the project will amount to more than 1 billion rubles.

The new facility will be the largest in the region and will provide the Ketovsky district with more than 50 new jobs.

The Nemirov group of companies, which includes Kurganskoe LLC, has already created 100 jobs as part of the implementation of investment projects over the past year and a half. The holding's enterprises currently employ 300 employees, with an average salary exceeding 50 thousand rubles.

A new large-scale project is being implemented with government support. 90 million rubles have been allocated from the regional budget of Kurganskoye LLC to reimburse the costs of purchasing equipment for the loudspeaker, the construction of which has already been completed.

“The government of the Kurgan region attaches paramount importance to the development of agriculture. We actively support this project, providing state support to compensate for part of the costs of equipment. The enterprise demonstrates stability and rapid development. As a result, pork production will increase from 20 to 60 thousand heads per year. After the introduction Once all facilities are operational, the pig farm will become the largest in the Kurgan region,” said Sergei Gavrin.

Currently, the construction of production buildings for growing and fattening continues, and the equipment of the reproducer is underway.

According to Vyacheslav Nemirov, the most modern technologies will be used at the enterprise. All main production processes are planned to be automated.

“The microclimate, feeding, watering - everything will be controlled automatically,” he explained.

The investment project for the construction of the largest pig farm in the Kurgan region represents a significant contribution to the development of agriculture in the region and creates new opportunities for employment and economic growth.