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All news / Livestock will be simplified for export

  • 10 Jul 2020, 08:46

The Ministry of Agriculture proposed amending the law on veterinary medicine by establishing veterinary control of enterprises exporting animal products outside the EAEU.

According to WTO obligations, when exporting food products of animal origin, there are two ways to confirm the safety of products. The company has the right to do this independently from the veterinary services of the importing countries. But in this case, potential partners will have a reason to drag out negotiations, which "fundamentally contradicts the task set by the country's aim to increase export potential," the explanatory note to the document says.

The second option is to empower the Rosselkhoznadzor to prove the safety of products to importers. To do this, the veterinary authority must ensure compliance with sanitary and hygienic rules regarding exported goods - conduct research and processing of export products, monitor their transportation, handling and storage conditions, as well as conduct inspections at all stages of the export chain. This option is enshrined in the bill.

Such measures will allow Russia to guarantee importers the safety of goods. The authors of the document expect that the innovations will increase the export potential of Russian manufacturers, as well as ensure unhindered promotion of goods in foreign markets.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in 2020 Russia already exported food worth $ 11.9 billion (14% more than a year ago). By the end of the year, according to plans of the department, exports will amount up to $ 25 billion. And by 2024, exports of agricultural products should increase to $ 45 billion.