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All news / Magadan began to produce sausage from seals

  • 20 Mar 2019, 10:34

Magadan food industry workers have mastered the release of a completely new product - sausage from seals, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

As local authorities emphasize, even in the Soviet Union they did not produce such meat delicacy. Although the extraction of seals was carried out for a long time, however, their meat was used to feed foxes and minks on fur farms. But then the nutritionists determined the high value of the seal meat: this meat is low-calorized and healthy. The finished product has already passed the study and received the necessary documents and permits for sale as food product.

The mining of the marine mammal began in 2017. By this time, 137 seals have been harvested. The processing will be waste-free: not only meat, but also fat, and skin, and even offal, which are used in cosmetology, will be used. The cost of the new project is about 100 million rubles. The region authorities believe  that this is a promising activity and that there will not be a shortage of raw materials, as there are about 50 thousand seals in the Far East.