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All news / Meat has risen in price in Kazakhstan

  • 16 Feb 2021, 10:22

Meat has risen sharply in price in Kazakhstan. Farmers predict that by spring the meat will rise more in price, reports Kazakhstan Today.Meat has risen in price in Kazakhstan

The largest jump in cost occurred in prices for lamb. Prices on horse meat and beef follow lamb prices. Data is cited by Energyprom analysts. By spring, a new increase in meat prices is predicted. Manufacturers and experts agree on this, the Astana TV channel reports.

One Kazakhstan citizen last year ate an average of 21 kg of meat. The biggest meat lovers live in the capital, Karaganda and Zhambyl regions.

Lamb has risen in price by 16% over the year. Prices on horse meat and beef have grown. The figures "increased" by 12 and 8%, respectively. Manufacturers attribute this to the growing prices on feed.

“The grain has risen in price. You know, last year it was 50 thousand KZT per Mt. This year prices are about 90-100 thousand KZT. There was no dry forage, no water. And people, especially in south regions, cut the cattle, because there was nothing for the cattle feeding. Cattle was slaughtered in September, in October. I give 99% guarantees that by spring the meat will rise in price, "says Mikhail Marchenko, head of the peasant farm. Sellers add:”

Prices fluctuate due to weather conditions. A similar jump occurred literally on the eve of the New Year. But already, according to them, the situation has "leveled off."

There's at least a couple of days off. Boers, frosts began, it was impossible to stab. Slaughtering is happening outdoors. There were such moments. If you consider meat quality, there is a big shortage in quality meat, "said seller Asel Ibraeva.

Kazakhstan people have nothing left but to look for other options. People admit that instead of boneless meat they increasingly buy meat bones. “We are already trying to take something cheaper, some meat bones, where to go?

There's something we need. And we want some meat products. It's been hard. If meat is good, then it costs 2500 KZT, if it’s of good quality. And meat bones cost around 1700 – 1900 KZT. We began to buy less, of course. I generally have a minimum pension. I have a high blood sugar level and I need to eat beef every day, and beef is now the most expensive, "customers say.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, last year Kazakhstan produced almost a million Mt of meat. Nowadays, Kazakhstan is 97% self-sufficient in beef production, 98%  in horse meat  and 100% in mutton.