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All news / Meat price may go up by 10% due to the additional charge of VAT on animal feed

  • 04 Jul 2019, 08:56

Meat will be more expensive if importers of feed additives have added VAT for the last three years. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture differently interpret the legislation on the list of goods taxed at a preferential rate.


The cost of beef, pork, and poultry meat in Russia may grow by at least 10% in the case of additional charges to importers of feed additives.  

The problem with the amount of VAT on imported feed additives appeared due to different interpretations of the government’s decree on the list of goods which are subject to a reduced VAT ate, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture told. Later, the government adopted amendments to the document, where the preferential status of additives was spelled out unequivocally. These changes came into force on April 1, 2019.