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All news / Meat production will also increase in 2020

  • 01 Oct 2020, 10:41

Russian milk and meat production in 2020 is expected to be higher than in the previous year. Growth is particularly strong for pork.


As Russia's Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev announced in Moscow, milk production is expected to reach around 32 mill. t this year, which would be 740,000 t or 2% more than in 2019. At the same time, meat production is expected to increase by 453,000 t or around 3% to 15.6 mill. t live weight, the minister said. The Center for Agroanalytics, which is subordinate to the Agriculture Department, most recently estimated this year's production of meat of all species at the expected record level of 11.17 mill. t carcass weight (cw), which would correspond to an increase of 2.7% compared to the previous year.

Specifically, poultry meat production is expected to increase by 2% to 5.1 mill. t of cw and pork production by 4% to 4.1 mill. t of cw. Experts expect beef production to increase by 1% to 1.6 mill. t cw. According to their estimates, the total volume of meat in Russia should continue to approach the volume of 12 mill. t by 2024. With regard to domestic turkey meat production, the National Association of Poultry Producers most recently forecast a volume of 301,500 t cw for 2020, compared with 288,100 t cw in the previous year.