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All news / Miratorg estimated Russian meat exports in 2023

  • 12 Feb 2024, 08:33

Over the past year, exports of Russian meat and meat products in monetary terms amounted to two billion dollars. Such data was given by the head of one of the largest meat agricultural holdings in Russia, Miratorg, Viktor Linnik in his presentation at the exhibition-forum “Russia” at VDNKh, reports our correspondent who was present at the event.The head of Miratorg estimated Russian meat exports in 2023

This is 17.5 percent higher than in 2022. In physical terms, according to the materials presented, 800 thousand tons of these products were exported abroad, or 109 thousand tons more than in 2022. In turn, imports amounted to 640 thousand tons or 62 thousand higher, respectively. Thus, our country can be considered a serious net exporter of these products. Let us recall that this term is used for a particular country and products, the volume of exports of which has become greater than purchases.

However, these figures differ from those given at the end of last year on the Russia 24 program by the head of Rosselkhoznadzor, Sergei Dankvert. Then he expected that the import of meat products by Russia at the end of the year would be about 600 thousand tons, and he estimated the supply and purchase of these products for 2022 at 650 thousand and 530 thousand, respectively. A comparison of the above data suggests that our country is still not sufficiently supplied with some types of meat products, but with others it is able to more than satisfy both domestic and export needs.

Linnik also said that Miratorg itself increased revenue from the export of its products to 40 billion rubles. Today, according to him, the holding is present in 40 countries. In addition to meat, it is also a leader in the production of animal feed and one of the largest grain producers. This has become a new direction for his work in recent years.