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All news / Miratorg increases its feedlots capacity by 70%

  • 02 Jul 2018, 12:28

The Russian company plans to increase a total number of Aberdeen Anguses on its three feedlots in Bryansk and Oryol regions to 200 000 heads simultaneously.

The largest feedlot unit in Russia is going to be built in Bryansk by Miratorg. The company plans to invest 4.6 billion roubles ($73.3 million) in on its three feedlots in Bryansk and Oryol regions to 200 000 heads simultaneously. 
The biggest unit, the one in Bryansk, will have a total capacity of 80,000 cattle head, announced the company in a press release.
"The new feedlot is a key element of vertically integrated production chain: cattle fattened here are fed corn in order to increase the energy density of the diet and guarantee high carcass-marbleness. Also, the new feedlot will be specialized in feeding Wagyu breed, which is characterized by super-high marbling of meat. The design of the new feedlot was developed taking into account the special aspects of maintenance and finishing of this breed: a special ration, a longer period of stay on the feedlot and less mobility of animals. It is planned that Miratorg’s Wagyu beef will be supplied to the domestic market and for export", mentioned the company.
The total area of the feedlot is over 349 hectares, which includes 14 covered lines for cattle with slatted concrete floors, a storehouse for concentrated and loose feed and premixes, an administrative building, a garage, an animal treatment facility, a veterinary hospital, a water intake facility, etc. For design and construction of facilities, the company used the experience of world leaders of beef cattle breeding – the USA and Canada.
By now, the cattle herd owned by the company has exceeded 600,000 head and the plan is to grow it to 1 million by 2024.