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All news / Miratorg increases production of high-quality beef in first quarter of 2019 by 40% up to 32 thousand tons

  • 04 Apr 2019, 09:47

Miratorg, the largest investor into Russia’s agricultural industry continues to ramp-up production of high-quality beef and increases production rate up to 32 thousand tons in live weight, which is 40% higher in comparison with the same period of 2018.

Miratorg being the largest beef producer in Russia implements the strategy aimed at the increase of production of domestic high quality meat in the framework of vertically integrated business model “from field to fork”. The company’s assets include 97 farms in Bryansk, Kaluga, Oryol, Smolensk, Tula and Kaliningrad regions with more than 580 thousand heads of cattle, 2 feedlots for feeding cattle with grain and the meat processing plant for slaughter and deep processing with projected capacity of 150 thousand tons of meat products per year. The agribusiness holding continues to grow: the near-term prospects are associated with an increase in the number of beef cattle up to 1 million heads over several years at the expense of its own resources, as well as deep processing of meat products.

The agribusiness holding systematically invests in advanced production technologies, logistics and quality control at all stages of the production chain. The company feeds cattle with its own feed without the use of genetically modified supplements and growth stimulants, while unique processing technologies guarantee to consumer a wide range of delicious and healthy meat.

The meat processing plant has the highest level of automation and organization of production processes, sanitary and hygienic safety. The plant is certified in accordance with international food safety quality standards - HACCP, ISO, has a Halal certificate. The enterprise is certified for deliveries to foreign markets, and is also regularly audited by the controlling authorities of both Russian and foreign trade networks, current and potential consumers of meat products.

“The growth in production is the result of increase in the size of the herd and putting new livestock farms into operation. Miratorg’s beef is a tasty, rich in healthy microelements natural meat without additives. Our products meet the highest international standards. The company controls every stage of production: starting from the proper animal breeding and ending with the storage and delivery of products to retail chains. We will continue to consistently increase the capacity and expand the range of products in order to satisfy our customers with delicious and interesting novelties of uncompromising quality”, commented the press service of Miratorg.