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All news / Miratorg invests over 3.4 billion roubles in tannery construction in Bryansk region

  • 13 Dec 2019, 09:24

ABH Miratorg, Russia’s largest producer of meat main types, reports on the start of a high-tech tannery in Vygonichi district of Bryansk region with investments more than 3.4 billion roubles.

Miratorg has built from scratch the largest in Europe vertically integrated production of high quality beef “from field to counter”. The company’s strategy focuses on increasing the depth of processing and enlarging the range of products with high added value and great export potential. The line with the most advanced equipment for primary processing of other meat products is an integral part of the cattle slaughter and meat processing complex with a capacity of 100 heads per hour.

Through increasing the depth of processing, we will be able to market the entire line of demanded products. The line will process 1.5 thousand tons of raw materials per month, i.e. it will produce about 175 thousand sq. m. of semi-finished leather. Our own raw material base, good level of automation of production and unique equipment and modern technologies will provide consistent production volume of high quality crust both for Russian and international markets. The range of products includes vehicle, furniture and vegetable crust and corresponds to the quality standard of Europe.

Miratorg works in strict compliance with international ecological standards. The tannery is equipped with modern systems of biological safety and high-technology treatment facilities with the investments of over 500 million roubles. They guarantee ecologically safe production without damaging the environment.

The tannery’s start created 235 new vacancies for people living in the region and will provide annually about 201 million roubles of additional tax payments when it starts to operate with the full capacity.

“This project is a logical follow-up of the cattle project. Miratorg’s vertically integrated production with 100% control is the only one in the country and has complete traceability on every stage: from growing animals on the farm to slaughter, processing and tanning. Our finely tuned production chain provides quick respond to changes in demand. We are that our most modern in Europe tannery will become a new stage in the history of leather industry in Russia and will open unique opportunities for export and Russian related industries: production of shoes, furniture and vehicles”, Miratorg’s press service commented.